No More Half MeasuresScott Downes, Center for Evaluation Innovation, October 2016. This research brief looks at how foundations can better support policy campaigns while also building more lasting capacity. The brief was produced as part of the Atlas Learning Project with support from The Atlantic Philanthropies

Putting Advocacy Lessons to UseScott Downes, From the Field/Medium, January 2016. An overview of the Atlas Learning Project, which was a multiyear effort, coordinated by the Center for Evaluation Innovation, to synthesize and share lessons learned from policy change and advocacy campaigns supported by Atlantic Philanthropies' and other funders. 

From Paper to Practice: Key Lessons for Foundations Deploying Complex StrategiesScott Downes, Jewlya Lynn, Ph.D., and Phil Chung. The Colorado Trust. March 2015. This report highlights key insights about complex grant strategies through the lens of one foundation's experience with a public will building campaign. 

If You Build It, They Will Come: Creating the Space and Support for Real-Time Strategic LearningJewlya Lynn, Rebecca Kahn, Phil Chung, and Scott Downes. The Foundation Review, Volume 5, Issue 4, 2013. Learning is a key tool for foundations seeking to improve their effectiveness. This article explores how The Colorado Trust integrated the Spark model for strategic learning into a grant strategy, including supporting learning coaches for their grantees. Four cases are explored, including three grantees and the foundation as a case, to identify methods of learning and resulting changes in strategies.


Atlas Learning Project Website. Designed and developed a microsite for the Atlas Learning Project, which was a wide-ranging project coordinated by the Center for Evaluation Innovation to share lessons learned from policy change and advocacy campaigns support by Atlantic Philanthropies and other funders. 

Stop Digging Website. Designed and developed a microsite for the Stop Digging campaign, which is part of an collaborative effort to bring attention to fiscal and tax policy challenges in Colorado. 

#ProudtoPay Social Media Campaign. Designed and developed content as part of a expansive advocacy effort to highlight the importance of public investments around Tax Day. Content was used by 16 different organizations in Colorado, as well as partnering groups in at least 18 states. 


No More Half Measures: The Case for Bigger, Bolder Advocacy SupportScott Downes, Grantmakers in Health: Views from the Field, April 2017. An article highlighting lessons from an Atlas Learning Project research brief on how foundations can better support policy campaigns while also building more lasting advocacy capacity. 

Democracy is a Health Equity IssueScott Downes, The Colorado Trust, February 2017. An article looking at the ties between democratic participation, health equity and other policies, and longstanding barriers for some in the political process. 

Fomenting the RebellionScott Downes, Medium, January 2017. A dispatch from the Women's March on Denver. 

Peyton Manning's Last AudibleScott Downes, Medium, February 2016. An article about how Manning could help change the discussion of sexual assault on college campuses in the wake of long-standing allegations. 

Get On Board: The Value and Importance of Nonprofit Board ServiceScott Downes, What's The Risk Blog, December 2015. A blog post on lessons for volunteerism and nonprofit board service.

On GratitudeScott Downes, Medium, February 2015. An essay that looks back on mentorship, appreciation for new opportunity, and living more grateful lives. 

Field of Themes: Five Early Lessons from an Innovative Advocacy ApproachScott Downes, National Civic Review, Winter 2014, Volume 103, Issue 4. An article highlighting key themes that emerged from the planning phase of an advocacy field-building grant strategy. 

We All Left SomewhereScott Downes. The Colorado Trust, 2014. Commentary on the launch of a new community engagement strategy in rural Colorado. 


The Five Stages of the Mount Evans Hill ClimbScott Downes, Rodeo Labs Journal, August 2016. Race report on the Mount Evans Hill Climb. 

Rodeo Rally: Rollins PassScott Downes, Rodeo Labs Journal, July 2016. Trip write up about an exploratory day on the bike near Rollins Pass and the James Peak Wilderness Area. 

Haute Route is ComingScott Downes, 303Cycling News, June, 2016. A preview of the upcoming Haute Route Rockies event, coming to Colorado in 2017. 

The Champ Is Here: Q&A with Fat Bike Work Champion Amy BeiselScott Downes, 303Cycling News, March 2016. An interview with the pro mountain bike racer and unofficial Fat Bike World champion. 

Evie's Hour: The Scene at Evelyn Stevens' Record-Setting Day, Scott Downes, 303Cycling News, February 2016. A recap of Evelyn Stevens successful attempt to break the UCI Hour Record. 

The Breck Epic: Six Days of Singletrack Survival, Scott Downes, Rodeo Labs Journal, August 2015. Race report on the six-stage, 240-mile Breck Epic mountain bike race.